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What is Majesti Designs: As dream and fairytales seem far off the brand Majesti designs strives to bring them into reality. Head designer, Nikki Nguyen, brings her creative flair and elegant aesthetic to create a unique blend for Majesti Designs' collections. Each design is carefully created from an idea to a functional masterpiece by our team. Meant for the dreamers of the world, the designs can truly be crafted the way a dreamer envisions it. Inspired by the impossible from around the world, the heart of it all lies in the fantasy world that engulfs us so easily.


Who is Nikki Nguyen? Starting out in costume creation and design, Nikki decided to pursue her dream creating designs that inspired her. Pulled in by the world of design and fashion, her aesthetic is known to be elegant and classy with a flare for fantasy elements. Her passion for costumes an fashion grew as she decided to create a new brand in hopes to fully pursue her dreams. Specializing in wedding and masquerade designs, she has found that creating dream dresses for others was her dream. Check her out on patreon if you wish to support her!

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